Shannon Hiemstra

Shannon Hiemstra has a masters degree in International Relations from the University of Cape Town with a particular focus on African conflict resolution, politics and development, as well as the influence of the private sector on political transitions, specifically in Africa.

An undergraduate degree in politics, history and sociology has also allowed me to develop an overall understanding of the important factors that shape society and communities.

With 8 years experience in development work, I have taken a particular interest in facilitation, process design and stakeholder engagement and mobilisation, with the belief that getting local stakeholders involved and excited about a process is instrumental in creating ownership and sustainability.

I believe my role is to provide guidance and a more objective perspective on the potential and issues facing a community but that at the end of the day the local people are the experts and much can be learnt from them by asking the right questions.

Email me at shannon@stonesoupdevelopment.comĀ for a current CV. Tel: +27 83 7771004