Connecting People and Opportunity
With two main focus areas
Stone Soup Development was established in 1996 and is in the business of regional economic and social development, transformation and empowerment. The main focuses of the business are as follows:
Developing and applying tools and processes that can be applied in a participatory manner in any local or regional economic development or social transformation environment.
Training, capacity building and equipping practitioners and communities to take control and ownership of building the future that they aspire to.

Want to know what we do?

At the heart of our approach is the principles of participation, learning and innovation. To achieve this we apply and blend concepts from economics, social science, change management, systemic competitiveness and sound business management to develop and apply tools, methods and process that are customised and appropriate to local conditions and socio-economic dynamics.

The Stone Soup Fable
at the centre of it all
Meet the team members
the dynamic duo
Shannon Hiemstra
Managing Director
Colin Mitchell
Colin Mitchell
Managing Director